nah, son.

kailyn. nineteen. i like late night blogging and long, romantic walks to the fridge.
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it’s that time of year again,

take a shot for every girl dressed as a firefighter turning a serious job into a reason to flash your boobs everywhere.

this is what firefighting gear looks like on a girl:

yeah girl mmm look at dat body. i want your breathing apparatus all up on my face, providing me with clean air yeah girl.

considering applying for the wildland firefighting type 1 helitack-rappel (HAC1R) team when i get out of high school

i’m looking at the requirements right now :)

so excited. checking out the ‘fit to fight’ 12 week physical training program that i’ll be working on.

ohmygod. did i just find a potential career? my mom will hate me forever.

ugh i hate how since it’s so close to halloween my ‘firefighter’ tracked tag is filled with girls in skimpy outfits.

i feel ashamed to be female.

i feel like taking a picture of me in a ‘sexy’ pose in my turnout gear.

oh yeahh, you guys turned on by my balaclava? damn girl, those steel-toed boots are sexy. like fuck.